qd at WCSMO12 – Summary

Last week I (codie) have been to 12th World Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (WCSMO). I will try to summarize the event birefly here, since some stuff and trends might be interesting for the whole CAE community.

  • The largest topic by far was topology optmiziation
  • Many new ideas for topology optimization were presented
  • Aeronautics was the strongest discipline before automotive
  • Heuristic rule-based optimization was still very weak
  • Very very very few machine learning contributions

Besides this summary, I think the most important message was given in the last 5 minutes where (I think a swedish) researcher asked the expert why our scientific area is not sharing their code or videos about conference contributions. This question funnily caught the experts off-guard but of course they agreed that this might accelerate our field of work much more. So if you release a paper, simply share the code on github if you may, this helps science a lot.

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