Comparing Simulation Scatter

Plastic strain scatter from 3 different models with incompatible meshes.

Comparison of multiple simulations is quite a tedious task. Therefore I’ve implemented a new function to plot the scatter of different D3plot files in the qd-eng python library. The function uses mapping, so that incompatible meshes can be handled. The scatter is plotted in the end with our HTML plot function in the browser.

In python I merely needed about 5 lines of code to compute the mapping between the meshes. Watch the video below for an explanation and demonstration:


  1. Thank you for writing out this library. It’s absolutely great. However, I wish there was a way that I could take a snapshot of a d3plot in a certain plan (like xz). That way, I could overlay them with the binout files, generate interesting plots, etc. So, not a 3D interactive plot, but a 2D plot, which is a snapshot of the d3plot. Is there a way to do that?

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