Beta CAE Systems 17.1.0 released

Rendering of a "Model" in META 17.1.0

Beta CAE Systems just released their 17.1.0 version. It comes with huge changes, since the 17.1.0 should originally become the 17.0.0. I will try to cover the largest changes briefly here and anyone who is interested in more, watch the live-demo on our qd youtube channel.

ANSA Changes

  • ¬†A new model browser was introduced
  • Optimized NVH Interface
  • Abaqus FSI Cosimulation support

META Changes (Video here)

  • Render-Mode available (Rendering of the results now available, which is much cleaner and smoother)
  • Introduced LIC (Line Integral Convolution for both CFD and STRUCTURAL! It’s for vector¬†field visualization, thus the velocity or stress field and works like using metal cuttings for visualozation of magnetic fields)
  • OpenGL acceleration in batch mode available (use -batch_hw)
  • Remote Desktop support improved significantly (virtualX and remote access on Linux are now working much better with NVIDIA Driver355 or newer)
  • Histograms (for visualization of the distribution of a response)

Epilysis Changes

  • Increased accuracy and performance (for contacts)

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